Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Life Consists Of...

...just 3 things, mostly. In order of the quantity of time spent, not how much I love it:

#1 - Work! I work at a youth treatment program called Turnabout/Stillwater Academy (in South Jordan - the picture obviously wasn't taken in recent months in light of the weather we are currently enjoying!). I love the people I work with, most especially my dad, who hooked me up with the job in the first place, right after I graduated from BYU-Idaho in April of 2008. I wear many hats at "TA" - initially, I was hired as the registrar of their private school (assigning classes and such paperwork as needed) and also I worked in admissions, talking to parents about their troubled teens and about how great our program is (because it really is amazing!). As the economy has changed over the last (coming up on) 2 years, I have been given additional jobs such as ordering uniforms, overseeing the meds, much more receptionist time, and other small odd jobs. Probably the best thing about working at Turnabout is that they have been very flexible about vacations and leaving early/coming late, etc. I wanted this job to be in the therapy/counseling/social work atmosphere to see if I wanted to get my masters in this area....I have learned that I am not cut out for the job! But I have also learned many great concepts, skills, and ideas to implement in relationships and future parenting. A shameless plug for my work - if you know of anyone that could use our services, have them check out! :)
#2 - My Devin! I have married the Energizer Bunny! :) He loves to work hard and keep very busy - whether it be working, studying, or playing (one of his favorite pastimes is playing games - here he is with his recent birthday present from my sibs "Settlers of Catan" - I am gearing up for hours of being conquered - he almost always wins. Everything.). He is in his last semester of undergrad at BYU, studying Civil Engineering. We are waiting to hear about grad schools and where we'll be moving to in the fall. This last week he got his first answer back - sad to say we won't be going to University of Virginia (sorry, Ali! we won't be moving closer to you). He was sad for about 1/2 a day, but we'll wait to hear about Purdue and Texas A&M before he applies to the U (last resort for him! :) but I'd be happy to stay near family). Devin wants to go into traffic and transportation engineering; he is in love with it, really! A day never passes when he doesn't teach me some exciting point of engineering he's learned in class or point out something really neat like a diverging diamond interchange (I am totally learning the lingo) or an "W" beam (yes, I meant "W", not "I", but they're related apparently..HOWEVER, I am informed the "W" is much cooler). Devin interned for quite awhile with UTA (Utah Transit Authority), but wanted a change and now interns for Wilbur Smith Associates. This means that he takes our one car up to downtown Salt Lake early every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and works a half day, driving down in time for his afternoon classes at the Y. This also means that (much to the delight of my mass-transit loving husband) I have become much better acquainted with routes 811 and 218 on the beloved city bus. :) The pluses are that I get naps every day, that I actually exercise at least 3 times a week (walking to and from bus stops), and I have finished 2 books already! Anyway, I digress. Back to Devin - when he's not busy with work or school or his calling (see #3), Devin likes to be with me! :D We have an overactive dating and social life, with something going on every night. He plans fun outings frequently and we are enjoying our newlywed freedom. I love my Devin so very much!
#3 - Church and Family activities. This is a picture of the Salt Lake temple on the day we were married there! Beautiful day. We have a goal to attend the temple each week, which is made much easier by the fact that we live so close to so many of them here in Mormonia. Besides that good tradition, Devin has a demanding calling as Stake Young Men's President, which gives him several meetings to attend regularly throughout the weeks, plus some fun YM and combined YM/YW activities. This gives me a chance to do such things as blog (well, today anyway!), clean the house, cook, and sleep. :) My calling is demanding as well, but only for the 2 hour time period that I am in Nursery each Sunday! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE NURSERY!!! I love all the kids there - we currently have 18. I come home with funny stories to share with Devin every Sunday, and I'm learning some great parenting techniques. They are certainly special children of our Heavenly Father's - I feel such a love for them, and the love He has for them. Nursery has also made me baby hungry. :) We are now trying to get pregnant, and we'll see how that goes. My sister's children also make me super baby hungry because they're THE CUTEST KIDS ON THE PLANET (until mine come along)!! My nephews are adorable and energetic and I have 8.5/9ths of an already well-loved niece. We try to spend as much time as possible with my family, who live in the area - but Devin's family is far away in Texas still.

So! That is what my life currently is like! That was a way long post. Hope it makes up in some degree for not blogging, really since I set this blog up! If it makes you feel better - this post describes my every-day life for the past 9 months (it's our 9 month-a-versary today!) exactly. And I will blog about the exciting trips, etc. Soon. :) I promise!

Promises, Promises!

It has almost been a month since I committed to being better at blogging! My deepest apologies to anyone out there who might actually look at my blog. I will begin with a description of how our life currently is/works, and then (hopefully I'll start this part before Devin gets home from his church meetings today! :) ) I would like to recap the last...oh, year or so! :)