Monday, September 13, 2010

Part Three: Engaged Bliss

Devin and I were engaged for a typical length of time, at least by LDS standards; 3 months. I think it’s amusing that we dated for less time than we were engaged (only 2 ½ months, even if you count December when I was still dating other guys).
In between me freaking out with the stress of wedding planning (mostly all the decision making was what killed me!), we had great times together doing a variety of activities.
Devin was actually super helpful and involved with the wedding preparations, which I greatly appreciated. The one thing Devin couldn’t stand was the long photo shoot for our engagement pictures – here he is at his wit’s end about to give up on the whole wedding idea and drop me off the bridge:

Devin is a really well-rounded person, which shows in the different kinds of dates we went on. On the spiritual side, we started our tradition of going to the temple together frequently:

Also, we often attended his Institute class in American Fork, went to the MTC a few times and listened to Spanish-speaking missionaries give us lessons, and we loved April 2009’s General Conference and our opportunity to sing with a group by the temple before one of the sessions. This picture is with our friends Carl and Tracy, watching General Conference in the Tabernacle:

Devin’s 2nd love is food, so you can imagine that a lot of our dates involved trying new restaurants or simply going on a “Fast Food Frenzy”, making cookies, and we also celebrated Pi Day (March 14th) with a beautiful and delicious love pie:

Sadly, Devin has an incurable addition…to RockBand; I can’t even count how many times we played that! Once until 2 in the morning…Plus sometimes we played guitar/sang for real.

We often watched movies, but we also like to be cultured and learn together. We toured BYU, the Conference Center and their art exhibit, went to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum, and Indian Night at the U of U. We actually got into ballet for a little while too, inspired by the Chinese Swan Lake (see YouTube):

We like sports (watching and playing) and the outdoors too – here we are at a basketball game:

And canoeing in the bitter February cold with his BYU team:

And rock-climbing (Devin’s favorite) with Serity and Ric, just a few days before our wedding:

We spent a lot of time with family – double dates with Serity and Ric, Family Home Evening with my family, playing games with his surrogate family in American Fork, and hanging out with our cousins and grandparents – Devin moved to his grandma’s house for the last month before we got married – so he only lived 5 minutes away! It was great.
Devin did leave me for a week – in March, he went to Mexico with BYU to do some engineering projects:

But mostly, we were inseparably connected, blissfully and happily engaged!