Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Part Four: Our Wedding Day

Despite the weather man’s uncertainty and our worry, the morning of Thursday, May 21st, 2009 dawned with beautifully blue, clear skies and ideal temperatures that continued throughout the day, adding to the perfection of the happiest day of our lives. 
That morning I was at my parent’s home, practicing my song for the wedding luncheon, and being helped with my hair and makeup by my good friends, Sarah and Ali.  Devin, meanwhile, went in search of his dream, a shave and a haircut on his wedding morning, with his younger brother, Kyle, accompanying.  Sadly, he couldn’t find a place that would give him a shave.  By the time that Devin came to pick me up, most of my family had gathered at my parents’, but I still wasn’t ready.  He patiently waited, then we said our last farewells as an engaged couple and drove off very excitedly towards the Salt Lake Temple to be sealed for time and all eternity.

Although some parts of that day have become a little fuzzy, I will always remember the happenings in the temple that morning, and especially my feelings.  I was so happy! It was very worth the long (to me) wait and all the dating “adventures” to re-find Devin Moore and be married to him in the temple.  While he and I were waiting in the temple before we were sealed together, we sat in a special room with several other couples who were to be married that day as well – we noticed with amusement how pale/green/nervous some of them looked.  We both felt very calm and peaceful, very excited and joyful.
Soon we were ushered to another special room where our family and friends were waiting for us.  The man who sealed us, Robert Ferguson, is like another grandpa to me.  He gave us some wise advice and made some nice, insightful commentary before he joined us as man and wife through all time and eternity.  It was such a special and sacred feeling there that we all shared together – and I am so grateful for the restored gospel and the power of the priesthood and for temples and eternal families.
Mom then helped me into my gorgeous wedding dress, which with its million buttons took much longer than I had expected!  Everyone was outside on the temple grounds waiting for us when Devin and I emerged to be greeted and congratulated and much picture-ified. I couldn’t help but smile constantly…but I don’t remember my cheeks hurting… We were finally married!

We took hundreds of pictures with friends and family... 

...and just the two of us before we crossed Temple Square to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for our wedding luncheon. 

I used to work at the JSMB as a banquet server (for mostly weddings…imagining my own someday), so I know the food is quite good, but I don’t remember it that day – probably because I didn’t get to eat much. I was too busy talking to people, and listening to the program that Devin and I had arranged.  Devin’s dad emceed the event, which started with my dad explaining about the temple sealing and marriage and Devin and I exchanging rings, for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend the sealing in the temple.  We then had people close to us speak about us so everyone in the families we were marrying into could get to know us better – my mom, Devin’s mom, my older sister, Serity, Devin’s older brother, Brett, my friend Ali, and Devin’s friend Carl.  Then it was my turn to talk a little about my feelings for Devin and why I can’t help but love him, and I played guitar (no mean feat with huge fake nails on for the first time in my life!) and sang “I Will”.  Devin then spoke about me and played guitar and sang a beautiful song that he wrote just for that special occasion, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Forever”.  

Sigh…it was more perfection packed into the best day ever! Devin and I stayed talking for a long time with family before we drove to my parent’s house – him driving in his tux, me squeezed into the passenger seat with my huge dress - Groom and bride!
We didn’t get the nap we wanted, but pretty much had to be whisked straight off down the street from my parents’ to the Parkin’s home, where our reception was held.  My grandpa and grandma Stratton used to live in that home, so it is a sentimental place for me – my sister Serity had her reception in their backyard as well.  The yard and decorations were beautiful... 

...but I’d have to say the reception was the most blurred part of my day – we arrived early to take pictures with our families in their wedding garb as well...

...but we already had guests coming early to congratulate us!  We had informed our parents we didn’t want a traditional line and instructed them to mingle. We intended to do the same, but got stuck in pretty much the same spot between the “get-to-know-Devin-and-Karina table” and the refreshments table as a VERY LONG line formed itself and never diminished!  We did take a momentary break to shove some cake in each others’ mouths (which was delicious!), 

but never got to try the other refreshments or enjoy the other decorations/areas of the reception as we were kept very busy with well-wishers until the sun started going down.  (Here is the video we showed at our reception - WARNING: it won't allow the audio, so put on your own music or it's very long! - or just imagine "When You Say You Love Me", "I've Got You Under My Skin", and "You're My Best Friend".)

We were hours behind schedule, so we deserted the rest of the line and had our dances – first I danced with my dad and Devin with his mom, and then we danced our first dance as husband and wife.  I suppose Devin had had enough by then, because after our dance he surprised me, and I think everyone, by shouting out our thanks to everyone for coming and then running away, dragging me with him for our escape!  A mass of startled family hurried after us across the street to our now well-adorned and embellished car and we had time for a few hurried hugs and goodbyes before screeching off down the street.  And here was the ending of our perfect wedding day: as the sun disappeared in the west, we disappeared to the south – Mr. and Mrs. Devin and Karina Moore!