Tuesday, November 22, 2011

June 2011

On June 1st, Devin joined a summer bowling league with some friends from school/work.  They called their team "Level of Service X" (I won't try to explain the transportation engineer humor there!) and played every Wednesday night.  That first night he was gone bowling, Becca decided to (FINALLY!) learn to roll the other way - from back to stomach.  I was so excited that I cheered her on a little too hysterically, because I startled her and she cried.
The next day, it was like she had suddenly realized how to use some of those muscles in her body; she kept rolling, and also started sitting on her own (supported on her arms) - by the next week she could sit without leaning on her arms.  Here's some pictures of her, still hanging out in her pjs in the morning.  What a happy, chunky, sweet baby we have!

That Friday, she showed off her rolling skills:

We went down to Sugar Land on Saturday to visit family.  She had fun practicing being cool with Uncle Ryan:

And practicing being cute with Aunt Alaire (showing off Becca's new headbands):

She was also given a funny hand-me-down t-shirt of Alaire's, which she debuted on our morning walk Monday:

Here's Becca on the 7th, when she turned 5 months old:

Devin took some pictures at "story-time", unbeknownst to me:

Guess who came to visit us for a day? Grandma Moore...

...and Uncle Brett!  This was Becca's first time meeting him, and she was quite taken with his beard:

Uncle Brett read Becca a story that he and soon-to-be Aunt Andrea bought for her (she loved it!):

The story was a real nail-biter, I guess! Uncle Brett didn't mind too much that Becca used his nails instead of her own:

Becca also got a preview of the next big event by sitting in the high chair Uncle Brett (indirectly) got for her:

We really enjoyed having Mom and Brett come visit - the last time I'd seen him (which was also the first time I'd seen him!) was the day Devin and I got married, and wedding days aren't really conducive to getting to know someone...we had lots of fun, chatting and playing games - we hope he comes again to visit us.

Friday the 10th, Becca ate her first solid food.  We gave her rice cereal - and she dug in most heartily. She wanted the spoon to feed herself, even. 

And here's the Friday video documenting her momentous first bite:

Devin went to an ITE Adopt-a-Highway clean-up - he has been keeping busy with those ITE responsibilities even during the summer. 

I was asked to substitute teach in Relief Society one Sunday - and then they called me to teach every month (in addition to my music calling). I always learn a lot from teaching, and it's been a great experience. 

Did you know that Becca is a ninja baby? Watch out!

Oh, now she's got her bloomers on right. Back to normal baby life and tummy time smiles.

Becca slept through the whole night on her own! Once. Unfortunately, she didn't repeat that...

My mom sent Becca a fun package full of adorable garage sale finds - and I had a grand time dressing up my little doll and having a photo shoot just about every day - or every time she got the first outfit dirty and I had to change her - for the next week or so. So - no apologies for the plethora of pictures in this post, but you have been forewarned.  First off is the jeans jumper:

At our church's play group, Becca had her first encounter with bubbles.  I wish I had brought my camera, because she was fascinated.  Her love of bubbles continues to this day.

Next model job is the orange dress:

Taking a break from this girlishness, Becca had fun with Dad's BYU cap.  We have a future Cougars fan here, folks.

All that posing for the camera tuckered her out - I love her flying Superman stance here:

Devin played hooky one Friday - we relaxed at home, then went shopping to Old Navy and he treated me to my first taste of "Jack in the Box" and further spoiled me by taking me to Barnes & Noble.  I wanted to read another couple chapters of The Hunger Games (the holds line for it at the library was insane!).  I am half-ashamed to admit that to stave off Becca's pleas for attention while I hurriedly finished the last couple pages of a chapter (I promise, I am a decent mother), I gave her my cell phone to slobber upon.  I used to give my old one to my nephew all the time, with no untoward consequences - but wouldn't you know it, she ruined the microphone so no one calling me could hear me talk (although everything else worked fine).  I was too cheap to replace it for a long time - so, sorry to all of you who were neglected at that time.  Anyway, I digress.  We headed home again, and I decided that I wanted to try some more naked baby pictures with Becca. I know, you're questioning my judgement after what happened the first time we tried that.  Devin did too.  And you and Devin were both right.  I only got a couple shots before she peed everywhere. But I still think she's got adorable cheeks. :)

We put some clothes back on her (yes, I know the same outfit as the day before...) and had her show off her sitting skills:

The sky was SO blue - we tried to capture it:

Moving indoors, Becca had a new dish at dinner: peas.  Not her fav.

Devin had his first Father's Day!  He said, "It was awesome. I love Becca. I love being a dad.  It's a dream come true, and I'm excited for all my future kids and Father's Days." Well, let me tell you what - HE is the awesome one! Becca just lights up whenever her dad is around and he can make her laugh like no one else can. He is such a cute and fun and loving daddy to Becca, and so helpful and thoughtful.  He even willingly changes diapers of his own accord. :D  Now that's love.  Devin got to speak in church on Father's Day - all about the spiritual responsibilities of fathers - he did such a good job.  Becca and I made him some breakfast in bed: 

Although she's pretty grumpy in this video, she's still a cute little inchworm (trying so hard to move around on her own!):

New outfit provided by her auntie, whom Becca does love!

She loves laughing too.

And she loves her Daddy.

And her apparently delicious fingers:

And sometimes her nostrils too:

Oops, you weren't supposed to see that last picture. "Mo-om! How embarrassing!"

Cutie in a purple dress:

More cuteness:

A turn of the tables - she used to make me look like I had a watermelon under my shirt and now she wears watermelons on her shirt:

A change of scenery (to our backyard) as well as clothes:

Well, besides lavishing our baby with love, we also enjoyed several other pastimes in June: we had friends over for dinner and games, watched movies (we had a Lord of the Rings "marathon" - spread out over 3 or 4 days), and I joined the ward book club and got Devin addicted to The Hunger Games too.