Thursday, April 26, 2012

Miracle Grow

Alma 34:24 says, "Cry unto him over the crops of your fields, that ye may prosper in them".  We have been working hard at remembering to pray for our little pomegranate tree, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, parsley, marigolds and especially our bell peppers!  We're trying to grow everything from seed this year, and the poor peppers have already failed once.  I had given up hope for them (as they were supposed to sprout several days ago), and was just about ready to dump the soil out of the peat pots and try again, when this morning I was greeted by this OH SO HAPPY sight! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Say My Name, Say My Name

A couple days ago, and totally out of the blue, Becca started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Mama"!  I love it!  It makes my heart sing to hear it.  She started calling Devin "Daddy" some of the time, but still often says "Dada".  We've worked a lot to try to get her to say her own name - right now, she's "Beh-py".  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bringing Honor to Our Family

Devin is still currently involved in Corporate Challenge (I believe I posted about it earlier - but it's a city-wide, three month long, multi-sport competition between companies that are put into teams to encourage health and foster networking).  This last Saturday was the swim meet and Devin had volunteered to be Coach for his team, "Corporately Challenged".  

Here he is in all his Coachly glory, giving instructions before the meet began.

Becca and I decided to come cheer him on, even though the meet took place during Becca's afternoon nap. Here's a rare shot where Becca was actually sitting on the bench with me - she was not inclined to stay put with all that water so close and so many people to meet.

Can you see the excitement in his eyes? Devin misses swimming.

After warming up in the pool, he's more than ready!

Becca wasted no time in making a best-friend-of-the-afternoon, they were pretty cute together.

I was happy whenever her interest in people won over the lure of the pool water - but mostly I was dragging her away from trying to step in to wade on the pool steps.  She wasn't happy about that.  I brought her swimsuit on the chance that she'd be able to get in the pool, but unhappily, I forgot a swim diaper.  Kind of crucial.

Dad had a little break and graciously supervised some splash time.

She's learning her daddy's love of the pool.

But honestly, she doesn't have much of a choice in Devin's mind! :)

Which is wonderful in my opinion, I wish I could swim better.

Maybe she'll be a life guard like her dad too one day; she's obviously got the looking cute part down:

I love to see how much these two enjoy each other!

Becca gave Dad a victory hug after he won his first race, the 200 meter free-style:

She was so pleased when he waved before his second race, the 100 meter free-style:

Last minute warming up of the arms:

On his mark, set...

...GONE!  I tried to get a close action shot of Devin swimming, and for my efforts became soaked and got this gem (no, I did not fall in, I just forgot how much he splashes when he does his flip-turn):

This is the best I could do - Devin is the one in the lead.  "Good form, Peter!"

Devin placed first in his second race too!  Huzzah!

His third, and last, race was the 50 meter back-stroke.  I decided to film this one:

And he won again!  Afterwards, Becca and I stepped out into the sun to try to dry off a tad.  She didn't mind that I gave her a mo-hawk, but didn't care for the sensation of a wet shirt sticking to her chest.

Becca got to look like a mini-Olympian with her daddy's THREE GOLD MEDALS draped about her neck!

We are so proud of Devin!  I loved watching him "in his element".

New Strawberry Swimsuit

Grandma sent Becca a cute swimsuit for Easter, so we (okay, I) had to have a little photo shoot before we jumped in the pool.  Doesn't she look so adorable?

Here's a lovely view - I wanted to capture the tropical prettiness; I still always feel like I'm on vacation when I go to our pool area!

And here's the two I love most!  What a happy and blessed life we have!


Last Friday, we went as a family to the temple.  I took my turn first while Devin and Becca had lunch by the fountains.  Even though it was quite hot, Becca always loves spending time outside.  Especially if Dad will hold her upside down and dip her head into the fountain.  

Mom is not quite as fun and tried to confine her to the shade, but we still had a good time chasing birds and singing songs.

Breakfast Bonding

I am fairly certain that when Becca gets into Primary, she'll love to sing the one that goes "My daddy is my favorite's plain to see I want to be like him in every way!"  Becca LOVES her time with Dad, and it's a rare treat to get to enjoy breakfast on his lap instead of being relegated to the high chair.  She was so pleased, she couldn't stop saying, "Mmmm!" and giggling.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lessons Learned

The other day I re-learned that I should heed the Spirit's promptings more closely when I am told to put away that giant bag of Cheerios that I left sitting on the kitchen table after breakfast. Who knew Becca was getting so tall with such a long reach?

And then I learned that while it IS a great thing to swallow that momentary burst of frustration, and to just sigh and run for the camera....

"Hmmm...did I do something I shouldn't have?"

"I guess not, since Mom is taking pictures - I must've done something cute."

This is her pose when I tell her to "smile" is NOT a good idea to leave room for more mess making (even if it does create a cuter picture).  Which lesson unfortunately only came to me as I was taking this picture - and it was too late.

"Mom doesn't seem to mind, I'll just dump out the rest!  How fun!"

Mmm, a pile of Cheerio goodness. 

"Oh my! How will I clean this all up?" Just kidding. I'm sure that thought never occurred to her.

And then I learned a really easy way to pick up a million Cheerios.  Oh wait, NO I DIDN'T. 

Uncle Brett comes to town

Brett called to let us know he was coming to Las Vegas and wanted to visit us - we were delighted! - and Devin's first response was to establish with Brett what we'd be having for dinner:  enchiladas, of course (a Moore family favorite).

Becca was only a little reticent when Uncle Brett showed up, but once he read her a couple stories, she became his little shadow (books are currently the secret to winning her love ).  She wouldn't even leave him alone while the poor starved man ate his dinner - stretching her arms out to him with many insistent pleas of "Bweh! Bweh! Bweh!"

Showing off her four new molars (she's got TWELVE teeth now!)

After we put Becca to bed, we adults just sat around conversatin' 'til late (welllll..."late" by my terms) - it's so good to be with family!

Thanks for coming, Brett!