Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lessons Learned

The other day I re-learned that I should heed the Spirit's promptings more closely when I am told to put away that giant bag of Cheerios that I left sitting on the kitchen table after breakfast. Who knew Becca was getting so tall with such a long reach?

And then I learned that while it IS a great thing to swallow that momentary burst of frustration, and to just sigh and run for the camera....

"Hmmm...did I do something I shouldn't have?"

"I guess not, since Mom is taking pictures - I must've done something cute."

This is her pose when I tell her to "smile" is NOT a good idea to leave room for more mess making (even if it does create a cuter picture).  Which lesson unfortunately only came to me as I was taking this picture - and it was too late.

"Mom doesn't seem to mind, I'll just dump out the rest!  How fun!"

Mmm, a pile of Cheerio goodness. 

"Oh my! How will I clean this all up?" Just kidding. I'm sure that thought never occurred to her.

And then I learned a really easy way to pick up a million Cheerios.  Oh wait, NO I DIDN'T. 

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