Tuesday, June 28, 2011

March 2011

Becca wants a turn to post about what she liked and didn’t like about March.

I liked Sunday naps with Dad.

Even better if I could get him to rock and sing me to sleep first.

I also liked to get Mom to sleep with me early in the morning, either in her and Dad’s bed, or on the couch.  Either way was good.

I didn’t mind sleeping by myself either, if I had to. 

I liked to be swaddled tight whenever possible (although I usually wiggled an arm free), but sometimes I liked to relax and let it all hang out on the couch (“it” being my large belly).

Basically I just liked to sleep a lot back then. 
I liked blowing spit bubbles, and I got pretty good at it too. 

I liked bathtime (8 weeks old):

I liked growing.  At my 2 month doctor’s appointment I weighed 14 pounds and was 23 ½ inches tall.  I did NOT like my first experience with immunizations, however. 
I liked playing with my Dad.  He teaches me fun new tricks.

I liked pretending I’ll have hair someday (hopefully it will be red like Mom’s).

I liked sucking on my fist or my fingers.

I liked hanging out with Mom all day.

I liked trying on new clothes and accessories. 

My head surprisingly grew into that hat real fast.  And I think wearing pants makes me look so much older, don’t you?

I liked pretending to be a frog princess.

I usually liked being the subject of all Mom’s photo shoots.

Even our next-door neighbor wanted to do a photo shoot of me.  Mom and Dad took advantage and snuck into a few pictures themselves.

Daddy taught me how to laugh and I liked practicing my new skill.
I generally humored Mom and Dad when they wanted to take me to Institute or watch BYU basketball games or movies.  I even let them take me to a Cajun restaurant, although I refused to try the crawfish (9 weeks old).

I still didn't like tummy time very much, so I learned how to roll from my tummy to my back to avoid tummy time.
Although I didn’t participate much, I liked the Pi Day and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 

I liked dancing with Dad (10 weeks old).

I liked being babysat by Grandma Moore so Mom and Dad could go to the temple, and by Uncles Ryan and Flynn when Mom and Dad went with Grandpa and Grandma Moore to the Houston Symphony (which we REALLY enjoyed – it was a lot of different famous pieces.  The same weekend Flynn received the priesthood, so it was neat to support him in that)
I did NOT like Dad leaving me and Mom for a couple days, but I’ll include pictures from his trip to the spring TEXite meeting (a state-wide transportation engineering conference) here anyway.

I liked to wear a lot of pink and also to suck on my lower lip.  (11 weeks old)

And so, to sum things up – I liked being the cutest baby around and being adored by my parents and admired by all passers-by.

Love to all my fans,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

February 2011

February actually began a little on the chilly side, for Texas.  The first Friday of the month, we got snow!  It wasn’t much more than a slight powdering, but it was enough to shut down the entire town of College Station.  I was excited to finally see snow; I miss it so much!  And Devin’s work was cancelled, so we had a fun day.   We finished our classic book for the year (our tradition is to start a classic on January 1st and not watch movies until we’ve finished it), Robinson Crusoe.  Devin built a snowman for Becca (see pictures below), and we watched two movies.  The best part of the whole day though, came later that night.  Becca smiled her first real smile!  Her first was for me, and then I quickly called Devin over and she smiled for him too.  I can’t even tell you how so very happy it made me to get a real Becca smile.  It filled me with more love for her.

This was the only time it was cold enough to use this gift

So toasty warm, she fell asleep as soon as we put her in

I never knew anyone who was afraid of snowmen

Here’s her 4 week Friday video, also taken with Mr. Snowman:

Random Becca pictures from the beginning of the month:

Bundled up for a warm nap

Good, good, good - good vibrations

Devin likes to make up songs on the spot for Becca; this scene inspired "You Look So Tiny in that Chair", a favorite of ours

Here's lookin' at you, kid

Oh no, that's a look of distress

Cuddle time with Daddy

Helping Dad with Distracting Dad from his homework

A coy wave

Modeling cuteness

Becca’s  5 week old Friday video exhibits her new-found talent of smiling:

Our Valentine’s/Devin’s birthday celebrations were planned by me this year, and I tried to make up for the new baby/no babysitter-low budget situation by stretching the fun from Friday through Monday.  I made a lot of meals that involved hearts, knowing that Devin loves food and really enjoys out of the ordinary meals and artsy presentation of food.  I took him to a restaurant he’d been wanting to try out (and we almost never eat out anymore), and we went to see Gnomeo and Juliet (which was also Becca’s first movie theater experience – she was pretty good).  Devin presented me with a beautiful bouquet of roses that filled the whole house with their lovely smell and lasted almost 2 weeks!

Heart toast and strawberry smoothies

A most heart-felt dinner

"And they call it Bella Notte"

Love-ly breakfast

Homemade heart-shaped pizzas


One of my best friends, Sarah Herrington, came to visit all the way from Minnesota.  She brought her fiancĂ©, Tom Cottle, so we could meet him.  We approved of him, and had a great time just sitting around and talking.
Becca mummified in Sarah's papoose gift

Telling stories of the glory days

Thanks for coming, Sarah!

Devin is such a great dad – he loves to tote Becca around and involve her in whatever he is doing; here he was teaching her all about fixing a flat tire on a bike. 

So intent, he wouldn't stop to pose for a picture

Maybe if she was facing out, she would learn more

We thought this video of Becca on her 6th week old Friday was so hilarious; I caught what sounded like her saying “hi” – listen real closely:

Random pictures from the middle of February:


Making faces at Mom

Ha! I think she looks like a turtle when she does this

Normal no-neck look

She really chunked up visibly from one week to the next - here's a milky smile for you

This bow's so big, it makes her head looks little. No small feat.

On the weekend of the 19th and 20th, we headed down to Sugar Land.  We stopped by the Houston temple on the way:

Not Becca's best glamour shot. The temple is pretty.

…and then we spent the rest of the time with Devin’s family and celebrated all the February birthdays in the Moore family.  Alaire sent a muumuu for Mom, and Devin modeled it for us all.  Plus another shirt from his high school days.

My husband even looks hot in a muumuu

But even better in a tux

The highlight of the month was when my mom and dad came out to meet Becca.  Mom was here for a week, and Dad joined for the weekend.  I had been really looking forward to them coming and getting to know Becca.  We scheduled her baby blessing for while they were here, but other than that, we didn’t do too much in the way of exciting – mostly just relaxed and enjoyed each other.  And pretty much forgot to take pictures (except for the day of the baby blessing).  We did take her 7 week old Friday video with Grandpa and Grandma Stratton though:

Bathtime with Grandma

So I'm naked. So what?

"I love to see the temple, I'll go inside someday"

 Devin blessed Becca – she was very good, and he was very thoughtful in the words he used.  I am so grateful to have him in my life and for the way he uses the priesthood righteously.

Daddy and Daughter

Please ignore the neighbor's old suburban.  We were on our way out the door, late for church. As usual.

All the family who came to Becca's blessing

Mommy and her baby doll

Happy family

With Grandpa and Grandma Stratton

With Grandpa and Grandma Moore

Another one, just to appreciate the flowing dress (made by Grandma Stratton)

End of the month random pictures:

Practicing head lifts

Cute sleeping face

Bubble blower

Reading the nursery rhyme on her blanket from Great-Grandma Rogers

"Mom and Dad, you guys are boring.  I'm moving out already."

And so February passed; happily and quickly!