Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas to all our Family and Friends!

In our last Christmas newsletter, we informed you of our choice to accept a job offer in Las Vegas, NV.  After the holidays, we loaded up all our previously packed belongings and drove west for two days.  We spent the next half-day driving around and perusing apartments, then selected one in nearby Henderson (I insist upon the distinction) by early afternoon, signed the lease, moved in, and returned our rental truck by dinner time.  Those of you who’ve known me longest are probably rightly shocked, but this is just the sort of care-free and go-with-the-flow spontaneity I’ve learned to usually tolerate and mostly appreciate in Devin. 
Anyway, we feel the Lord has guided us here and we’ve been happy with our decision.  Everyone always asks us how we like it here, so I should probably address that question.  We like it Devin loves his job, weve made good friends at church and with Devin’s co-workers, we appreciate living in a city with a temple, we enjoy the mountains and living in a dry climate, and it’s been awesome to live closer to my family in Salt Lake and do more with them.  We’ve also made some happy memories taking advantage of all the fun and family-friendly things there are to do in the valley - particularly camping and some neat cultural activities, like seeing The Phantom for Valentine’s! 
In March, Devin got to “shift” to Denver for work for a couple weeks, and Becca and I flew out to join him for one of the weekends.  We had a great time at the Butterfly Pavilion, Zoo, dinner with Devin’s co-worker and his family, the temple, and Red Rock Amphitheater, besides swimming a few times at the hotel. 
May was by far the most exciting month of the year for us.  To celebrate 3 years of a very happy marriage, we went to New York City!  I had never been before, so we really crammed in every sight-seeing opportunity possible (be it known that a vacation Devin-style is not a thing of relaxation) it was a very memorable time, and I think my favorite part was seeing the Statue of Liberty.  This trip actually was planned to coincide with the wedding of Devin’s older brother Brett to Andrea Cibelli which festivities took place in New Jersey.  It was a beautiful occasion and fun to see all the Moore clan, as well as to get a much-approved-of addition to the family.  
Just before leaving to go to the East, I became aware that I was probably pregnant and felt that pretty keenly during our vacation.  I waited until Mother’s Day, however, to take the “official” test; we are expecting Baby #2 sometime around January 11th!  We are waiting to find out its gender, as we did with Becca - we are also currently taking name suggestions as we haven’t come to any conclusions on our own. 
As I stated before, we’ve had a lot more chances to visit and be visited by my family, or to meet half-way at the family Cabin which have made up the rest of the highlights of our 2012.  Gratefully, these visits are too numerous to give details about, but have meant a lot to us. 
I had a short season of house-hunting before we put an offer down, which was soon accepted by the seller.  It’s a short sale, and that was 2 ½ months ago, so we’re still patiently waiting to hear from the bank and trying not to get too excited. 
Looking back over this past year, there is no way to tell all the growth Becca has gone through!  She turned 1 the day after we moved in and will turn 2 the week the baby is due.  She was just starting to walk and say “Dada” and “Mama” when we arrived, and now I can’t keep up with her (partly the belly’s fault) and she’s saying full sentences of 7 or more words!  She is so smart and entertaining she loves to read and do puzzles and play outside and mother her stuffed animals, and she’s learning to sing and was recently potty-trained.  We are so proud of, and thankful for, our good little girl.
As for me, being a stay-at-home-mom and home-maker means my life revolves around Becca and cleaning and sameness, but it’s the best job in the world.  I am learning and growing SO MUCH as a mother.  I started a book club, and have joined the Pinterest craze and am trying to make more time to be “crafty”, which I enjoy.  I am also in the Primary Presidency at church and enjoy working with the children there. 
I am so proud of Devin – he has worked so hard this year!  In addition to his job at Kimley-Horn and Associates (a great company that he loves to work for and is learning tons with), he also completed his thesis and will OFFICIALLY graduate with his Masters this month.  Hooray!  Devin’s also in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency at church and still, he finds time to be the best husband in the world and a devoted father (he’s Becca’s favorite play-mate). 

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful year like us, and that this next one brings you even more blessings!

With Much Love,
Devin, Karina, Becca and Baby

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